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4. Eye test chart as at the ophthalmologist

1. The eye

3. Pupil

2. Abbreviation for neuroregulation

N-Reiz is a company that has developed an innovative method to test people's vision  to improve. The training program offered is revolutionary and therefore very popular.

N-Reiz commissioned us to develop a logo that can be used for the company's website and business papers.

When developing the logo, we chose to represent an eye to make the program offered by N-Reiz clear. In order to give the logo a special touch, we have developed our own font in the style of an eye chart, as known from ophthalmologists, in which the company name is written.  

More on this at:

In order to let more people benefit from the training program and to make work processes more efficient, we were asked to create an online training program for NReiz.

The simple design looks modern and fits the corporate identity of the company. The website is clearly designed to provide users with all the important information and direct them to the video tutorials.  

Participants can now register on the site and train online there, giving them the opportunity to complete the lessons on their own time and at their own pace. 

Jetzt kostenlosen Beratungstermin buchen oder ein unverbindliches Angebot erstellen lassen.

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